Salesforce: Account Attachments error

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wlefebure posted this 06 October 2022

I'm encountering a non-descript error when attempting the following:

  • Source (Salesforce Production):  Attachments
  • Target (Salesforce Sandbox, different org): Attachments
  • Insert: Attachments WHERE Parent.Type = Account

The script ran for 10:16:48 [hh:mm:ss] on a set of 3159 matching attachments, failing with the following message:

 "Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow."

It produced no error or success rows, and no Bulk Jobs were recorded in Salesforce's "Bulk Data Load Jobs" log.

All fields are mapped 1:1, except Lookups which utilize "Target Lookup" to replace Source Id values with the appropriate Target Id's.

Curiously, the same Import Job works when filtered to target a smaller set (i.e. ParentId = '001xxxxx').

I can provide Job and Run Id's if helpful - any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Good Small Run vs Bad Large Run

Showing the Smaller Single Record Batch (Successful) compared to the same job on all Account Attachments (Error)


Bad Run Error Message

Error message

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Yevheniia Bilotserkovska posted this 10 October 2022


Thank you for contacting us.

Could you please clarify the Package ID you have issue with?

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Yevheniia Bilotserkovska.

wlefebure posted this 11 October 2022


I believe this is the package ID, retrieved from the URL: 191792


Please let me know if you require anything further.


- Will Lefebure

Yevheniia Bilotserkovska posted this 12 October 2022

Hello Will.

Thank you for your reply.

This error occurs because one of your attachments is too large for the Target and Target instance can not accept it. 

Since Salesforce does not return the Id of the dropped record, you can try to spot this attachment by setting up filters.

Currently as we see you have got another error: Storage limit exceeded.

Please note that this is not a Skyvia, but a Salesforce error. We would recommend you to check this link

If you need any additional information feel free to contact us.

Best regards,

Yevheniia Bilotserkovska

wlefebure posted this 13 October 2022

Hello Yevheniia,


Thank you for clarifying this was a non-Skyvia issue.


After further review, it appears file size was not the source of my issue:

It appears that query count, rather than file size, was the issue:

  • My job was failing on the 16th attachment, which indicated it was hitting BULK API query limits

My solution was to create an alternative Destination connection with BULK API disabled, forcing SOAP API for data-loading.

I was successfully able to migrate all Attachments after switching APIs.


Thank you,

- Will Lefebure