Salesforce 'Owner ID: id value of incorrect type' error

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Rick Krause posted this 06 April 2021

Hi Skyvia Support,


I'm trying to import a .csv file into the Salesforce Leads table.  But no matter what value I use for record Owner ID, which I'm assuming correlates to the Salesforce User, I receive the error above: "Owner ID: id value of incorrect type".


I've tried the User Name, Full Name, and Alias fields from the Salesforce User table.


What am I doing wrong?



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Nataliia Nikulina posted this 09 April 2021

Hello Rick,  


Thank you for contacting Skyvia Support.
From the error message you received, it looks like the OwnerId column is not mapped correctly.


Please see the Soap API developer’s guide to check what is the relevant content of the OwnerId value:


This means that you should pass User.Id instead of a User.Name to this column.


You can use a query below to receive a required value that can be specified as a Constant value in mapping or in the CSV file:


SELECT Id, Username


FROM User  


The second option is to set up lookup mapping for this column. For example, if there is a username field in the CSV file (but there is no Id), then you can set Target lookup mapping in this case.


If you have a Name column, storing the user name for each record, in the file, here is an example of the mapping that you can use.   


The mapping searches a record in the User table with Username = Name and takes its ID, which is then substituted into the OwnerId field.


Please check the guide below to learn more about Lookup Mapping:


Please let us know if we may help you more.   Kind regards, Nataliia