Salesforce to SQL jobs queued

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Frank Emerson posted this 3 weeks ago

When I run my packages manually to copy data from Salesforce to SQL I'm noticing the jobs don't run right away. They sit queued for a random period of time. I turned off other jobs and tried just running one but it still ends up queued. 

The jobs are scheduled to run every 5 minutes and we're seeing in the logs that they run more like every 45 minutes.

Olena Romanchuk posted this 3 weeks ago

Hello Frank,

There was a delay in the Queue caused by an internal issue. It was fixed and currently the queue works as expected.

We have checked your packages and, as we can see, currently your packages are running according to their schedules.

However some package runs are failed, with the server login error.

Please make sure both Skyvia IP's and are whitelisted on your SQL server.

Best regards,


Technical Support Engineer