Schedule Not Working

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Jay Ong posted this 27 August 2020

Hi Skyvia Support,


The File Mask package using UPSERT I have created does not run automatically according to the Schedule. Have I configured the schedule incorrectly? Please help.

According to the online documentation I was expecting the package to run twice, one at 8:45am and another at 9:45am. The account I am using is on the Standard Integration Service plan, so I should be able to run the import package every hour.

The File Mask I have configured outside of Skyvia uses {yyyy-MM-dd}. I was expecting this file to import twice today. The first run would import all records, and the second would not as there would be duplicates. In production I would only import once. The 2nd schedule is only a test at the moment.

Schedule Not Working

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Jay Ong posted this 28 August 2020

This is resolved. It ran successfully at 80am and 90am today.


I think the issue was the Starting Time. I will set it to starting NOW in future.

Mariia Zaharova posted this 28 August 2020

Hello Jay,


Thank you for letting us know.

Glad to see that the issue is resolved.


JIC: The Starting on parameter determines since when the schedule itself is considered “active”.


Best regards,


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