Searching Shopify data fronted by ODATA 4.0 from Salesforce Lightning Connect

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Eric Kintzer posted this 09 April 2018



I find I cannot search Shopify data using SFDC Lightning Connect via Skyvia OData 4.0 connector to Shopify

SFDC config:

External Data Source:

OData 4.0


Enable Search: checked

Use free text search expressions: checked

External Object Orders__x (sync'd to Shopify Orders table)

Enable search: checked

RESULT:We can’t get your search results from Orders

From SFDC, structured querying works (SOQL) such as

select ID__c, Name__c from Orders__x where Name__c = '#1033'

But this does not work:

find {#1029} Returning Orders__x


Skyvia endpoint


Public; any IP




  • Reading the Shopify API, there is definitely a search API
  • Search seems as if it is implicitly enabled on any Shopify store
  • I don't see any setting in the Skyvia Endpoint config that indicates how to enable Search so I assume it is implicit
  • Since I can use SOQL to find Shopify records it is clear that the end-end connection is working fine; it is Search that doesn't work


Any assistance would be most appreciated

account =




Mariia Zaharova posted this 11 April 2018

But this does not work:

find {#1029} Returning Orders__x

This issue is related to the limitations of OData 4 syntax - it is impossible to use values that starts with a number or special character, search values must start with letters only. The only way to avoid this limitation is to use another search criteria.

For example, this query works as expected:

find {test} Returning Orders__x