sendinblue contact attributes

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paddymccdrc posted this 04 October 2022

ive setup a package and its working great however there is one issue


im taking contact information from a csv file in drop box which contains the customer email, their name, what they ordered which maps into sendinblue if i do it manually


However the contact attributes do not appear on the tasks section so i cannot properly map the csv data to the customer attributes


do you know a work around?

Mariia Zaharova posted this 05 October 2022



We have checked your package and see that you have already mapped these fields: Attributes_FirstName, Attributes_LastName.

These fields exist as separate fields for convenience because all Sendinblue users have these fields. But if you need to add or update other custom attributes then you should use only the Attributes field.


If Attributes_FirstName, Attributes_LastName, and Attributes_Phone are mapped they have priority and thus overwrite all other values specified in the Attributes field.


In your case, only the Attributes field should participate in the mapping, and Attributes_FirstName and Attributes_LastName must not be mapped. The Attributes fields store the data in JSON format; thus, values must be passed in JSON format only. For correct operation, it should look like this:



If you have separate columns in a CSV file for your attributes, you can compose such a format using Expression mapping.


If you encounter any issues, feel free to contact us.


Best regards,