separate "last, first" values from csv

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Peter Gutmann posted this 6 days ago

I'm trying to upsert a csv of Contacts from Cvent into Salesforce. The Contact names in the csv are formatted "last, first", and I need to separate them so they import correctly into the Lastname and Firstname fields in the Salesforce Contact object. Can I do this with an expression? Or do I have to separate the values in the csv, and then import? Thanks!

Mariia Zaharova posted this 3 days ago

Hello Peter!

Yes, you can try using Expression mapping for this case. For example:



LastName: SUBSTRING([last, first],1,FINDSTRING([last, first],",",1)-1)

FirstName: SUBSTRING([last, first],FINDSTRING([last, first]," ",1)+1,(LEN([last, first])-FINDSTRING([last, first],",",1)+2))


Please tell me if this helps.

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