Set null when no match found - Different Behaviour

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Jay Ong posted this 1 weeks ago

Hi Skyvia Support,

I have started using the New Runtime Environment with my Import Package using UPSERT. I select 'Set null when no match found'. Previously I saw 0's appear in the files I download from the History Details when there is a new unique record added to the same file using the Old Runtime Environment, but now I only see the record ID number if I import the same file with new records.

Is this by design with the new runtime environment?

It was handy to see the records with the 0 entry for the ID in the file as I could pinpoint which were the new records. The UPSERT function appears to work, so nothing is actually broken, but I would like to understand the behaviour. 


--- Extract from your documents ---

Set null when no match found

This check box determines what to do when there is no match in the lookup object for the provided lookup key column values.

If this check box is not selected, the imported row fails. If this check box is selected, a Null value is assigned to the mapped column.

For the UPSERT operation, if you map an ID or primary key column via the lookup mapping, you should select this check box. In this case, when no match is found, a Null value is returned, and the INSERT operation is performed; otherwise, an UPDATE operation is performed. But if this check box is not selected, the row simply fails when no match is found.

Mariia Zaharova posted this 5 days ago

Hello Jay,


Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce such a difference between old and new runtime. In both cases, the log file includes ID values of the processed records (inserted or updated). Can you please specify the of your package so that we are able to check it.


Looking forward to your reply.


Best regards,