SFTP to hubspot most recent file (error)

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Pieter Verhaaren posted this 18 October 2021


I want to import data from a SFTP file to Hubspot on a daily basis. Each day, a file with a name containing that specific day will drop into the SFTP and will be updated with a form submit troughout the day. 

Using file mask with that specific format seems to work (variables of the columns are loaded correctly). However, everytime I run the import, Skyvia returns an error that the columns aren't imported. 

But, when I import an individual file, the import does work. So the problem is only showing whenever I want to automate a daily import. 


Olena Romanchuk posted this 21 October 2021

Hello Pieter, 

Please make sure both Skyvia IP's and are whitelisted on the SFTP server.
We also recommend you to activate the new runtime option on the package editor page. 
Please inform us about the result.

Best regards,



Technical Support Engineer