SFTP to Salesforce Integration Failed

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Lu Morris posted this 3 weeks ago

Hi, I set up an integration to upsert data from a CSV via SFTP to Salesforce contact fields, scheduled it to run daily. It worked fine for 4 days then fell over with the following error messge:

'CSV file has invalid content or its structure does not correspond to the mapping defined in the package.'

I've checked the source CSV and nothing has changed, it's the same format and encoding (UTF8) Can someone shed some light on what might have caused this?

Many thanks,


Mariia Zaharova posted this 3 weeks ago

Hi Lu!

Most likely, file structure did change or your file contains some invalid character in it (for example, hidden character). First of all, you can try re-loading it in the Task Editor (so that CSV file structure is refreshed). If this does not help, check your CSV file, for example, in some text editor and make the corresponding changes.

Also, if this option suits you, you can send us your CSV file and we will try to detect the reason of the issue.


Best regards,