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Steine Eyssen posted this 10 July 2018


When i want to create products on shopify by importing my sql database. When i map the feelds, i can not choos to use a photo url for the picture of the shopify product

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Mariia Zaharova posted this 11 July 2018

Hi Steine! It is impossible to specify a photo URL while importing data to Shopify Products. Skyvia works via Shopify API and its API does not provide such a possibility:


Jacob Killian posted this 06 February 2023

Matrixfy has no problem importhing a photo URL while importing to shopify products - using the Shopify API.  So "impossible" seems off-base to me.

Lookup the product, get the Id .  then lookup the product-image using the product ID and update.  Seems straight forward.

Something like this:

With multiple images, it gets a bit more complex because "FirstOrDefault" won't do, would need to either retrieve an array and parse it or add additional lookup filters to the product image.