Shopify FTP options

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cdto2016 posted this 20 November 2021

Hello ,  I am trying to access shopify source code files.  I want to be able to download/upload the modify the code for the NOP comerce site that was installed in the Admin panel area. 

Can this be done FTP style ?   

Thank you 

Olena Romanchuk posted this 23 November 2021


Skyvia is a universal SaaS data platform for a quick and easy solution of a wide set of data-related tasks with no coding: data integration, cloud data backup, data management with SQL, CSV import / export, creating OData services, etc.

We do not access the services source codes and do not provide access to it for others.
Skyvia works with the services via their API.

You should contact Shopify support in your case.

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Technical Support Engineer