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Gabriel Longarai posted this 15 February 2022

To load data to Snowflake is it mandatory to use external storage?

How to add in Snowflake connection a folder inside a bucket? (attached image)

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Olena Romanchuk posted this 18 February 2022

Hello Gabriel, 

We are sorry for the long reply. 

External temporary file storage service is needed if replication or import is performed in the Bulk Load mode in Snowflake.

In Bulk Load mode Skyvia writes data into multiple temporary CSV files, uploads them to Amazon S3 or Azure (depending on which one you’ve selected), and then tells Snowflake to import data from these CSV files. These actions are performed simultaneously, providing the best performance. After the CSV files are imported, they are deleted.

Thus there is no need to select the specific folders as the bucket is used for temporary files which are deleted after the necessary operations are completed.
More details are available here

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