SOCS1 Backup Recover for 230 SFDC Orgs

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Scott Kent posted this 30 June 2020

We require backing up Metadata and Data for 230 Salesforce Orgs.

To comply with SOCS1-Typd 1 I am trying to answer the question of, is Skyvia practical for an organization to backup 230 small SFDC orgs (and 230 Xero Orgs in the future) along with our Freshdesk, Slack,GSuite, and a few other apps..... I love your product position.  I struggle with how to use it in mass for Salesforce, and in the future Xero?  We are a small company with a large number of clients and the systems we need to backup are small in footprint and don't generate enough value to remotely consider many other solutions.

Can you back up and restore or extract from the backup the Metadata selected for the Model?

What happens if New Meta Data Objects are added?
Will it automatically back them up?
I have 230 connections if there is an update to them that adds a new Field OR a New Object.
Will I need to update all 230 connections manually to ensure that gets backed up?

Can you offer any solutions that might help me work with 230 connections?  I love your product and will bend over backwards to prove it will work for our needs. 

The reality is time is of the essence so what I most need to plot out the optimal solution to setup and maintain these 230 connections to SFDC in the next 2 weeks.  Whatever that is, If I need to hire a team of temp workers to enter data, or figure out a macro to run day and night on multiple tabs, I will.

Dmitriy Muzurov posted this 01 July 2020

Hi Scott,

Thank you for submitting a ticket with us.

Xero is not supported. Here is the list of supported connectors.

Skyvia Backup does not back up metadata, only data. You can find other backup limitations here.

It seems you mix up two different Skyvia products: Backup and Connect. 

Backup is used to to back up data from supported cloud applications automatically on a schedule or anytime manually. Backed up data can be viewed, exported, or restored directly to a data source via web browser, from the Skyvia interface.

Connect is an API-server-as-a-service product that allows you to quickly and easily create web API endpoints to provide access to your data from anywhere.

Backup package backs up only the selected data as well as Skyvia Connect endpoint exposes data from the objects selected when setting up a model. Both products do not monitor for new objects in the source but work with data that is created/modified/deleted in the selected objects.

If you create 230 Salesforce connections in Skyvia and there is a separate backup package for each of them, and a new object is added in all connections, you would need to manually add that object to the backup scheme of each backup package.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us back.