String field breaks without reason

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Jasmin Tomahogh posted this 28 April 2020

Hi there, 


we have an issue with an export were the subject field on the case in Salesforce (String 255) makes a break after 69 signs.The total length is 147. The field is the standard field in Salesforce. Is there a way to prevent this break? 

The other system which imports the file cannot read it in this format. 


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Dmitriy Muzurov posted this 29 April 2020

Hi Hendrik,

Thank you for submitting a ticket with us.

A line feed on the screenshot is not added by Skyvia but is a character from your data in the Subject field.

Skyvia adds delimiters according to a specified option in the details of an export package: CRLF, CR, LF. CRLF is set up by default to delimit rows in CSV.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us back.