Stripe - InvoiceLineItem - Missing Field

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Kristi Campbell posted this 02 June 2022

According to this document regarding the Stripe (Invoice) Line Item object, InvoiceLineItems include both SubscriptionItems and InvoiceItems.

They recommend: For lines with type=invoiceitem, use the invoice_item field to reference or update the originating Invoice Item object.

I don't see that field available for mapping, although I do see SubscriptionItem. Can this be added so I can cross-reference to the Invoice Item (ii_) as needed from the InvoiceLineItem (il_) records? If I try to use both I end up with duplicates.

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Nataliia Nikulina posted this 07 June 2022

Hello Kristi,


Thank you for contacting Skyvia Support team. 

The InvoiceItem field has been added to the InvoiceLineItems table. Please check it on your side.


Best regards,


Customer Support Engineer