SugarCRM to ActiveCampaign

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Sid Haas posted this 22 June 2020

I'm a new Skyvia trial user. I'm trying to connect SugarCRM to ActiveCampaign directly (ie data source/cloud connection). I have a few questions.

1) When trying to map the relationship between accounts, I'm having trouble. SugarCRM stores an Account ID as a text field. ActiveCampaign uses an integer. So I can't use the SugarCRM Account ID in ActiveCampaign. Is there a solution?

2) I don't see any of the custom fields in ActiveCampaign. Can I map fields from SugarCRM to custom fields in ActiveCampaign?

Dmitriy Muzurov posted this 23 June 2020

Hi Sid,

Thank you for submitting a ticket with us.

1) Id fields in the tables of cloud applications are almost always auto-generated. So, it won't be possible to map an Id field in the target table. You can use a custom field in the target table and map Id field from source to that custom field.

2) There are special tables for custom fields of ActiveCampaign Accounts object - AccountCustomFields and AccountCustomFieldValues. You can find custom fields there.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us back.