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Spencer Carlson posted this 01 November 2019

I am just starting with skyvia, and set up a simple test to sync a tiny 2-row table from PG to Marketo.

The first run, it actually did put my 2 rows into Marketo, but the UI says it failed.  This was #28523308

Now, whenever, I re-run it I get this error:

The SELECT operation for the "Dave Test" object must use filtering with a value specified for any of the following columns: "Marketo GUID", "id".

An example job with this error is: 28523460


The case seems Pretty simple, The ID column is set as the "dedupe" field in Marketo, but I have no idea what "SELECT" the skyvia job may be doing??

Any help would be great!



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Mariia Zaharova posted this 04 November 2019

Hello Dave!


Skyvia synchronization operation is used to synchronize data between cloud CRMs and relational databases in both directions. Thus, when performing synchronization repeatedly, Skyvia first sends data from source to target and then from target to source. In order to get changed, deleted data from the sources SELECT operations are used.

There is a Marketo API limitation: all the custom Marketo objects require selecting data only by their identifying fields. Thus, you cannot get data from these tables unless values of some of their identifying fields of the records you want to get are explicitly specified. 

Unfortunately, Skyvia synchronization does not support filtering for now and, thus, it is impossible to use Marketo custom objects in the sync process.

See more here:


JIC: if you are interested in one-way data migration, e.g. from PG to Marketo only, please look at the Import package.


Best regards,


Spencer Carlson posted this 13 November 2019

Thanks for the help!