Sync Quickbooks Online and Dynamics 365

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Rudi Groenewald posted this 23 December 2017

Hi all,


I'm rreally struggling to figure out the field mappings between Quickbooks Online <> Dynamics 365 for the following entities:

Quickbooks Customers <> 365 Accounts Quickbooks Products <> 365 Products Quickbooks Invoices <> 365 Invoices   Has anyone done this before?  Accounts are pretty straight forward but Products require a GUID for the dynamics side which leaves me stuck.


Mariia Zaharova posted this 26 December 2017

As we can see from your account, you have successfully added new task Quickbooks Products <> 365 Products to your package.

If the issue is still actual, please describe the difficulties with some screenshots.


Also, in your package you have encountered this error: SQLite error no such table: Item_product_CacheID

There is a known issue related to such a scenario and we are working on it. We will contact you as soon as any news are available.

This error occurs in case when package previously had one task and was performed successfully, however, additional task was added later and the error occurred. The recommended option is to use separate packages for new tasks or re-create the package with several tasks (new tasks and tasks that you have in an existing package).


As for the Quickbooks Invoices, please note the Line field in the QuickBooks Invoice entity is mandatory and must be mapped. The Line field stores the specification of the Invoice and it is stored in the JSON format. During the execution of an import or synchronization package that import data into QuickBooks Invoices, data will be automatically added to Invoice and to the InvoiceLineItem detail table that is mapped to it. Note that data in the Line column should be in the JSON format. Refer to:


For example, you can insert the following value in the Line field:



""Id"": ""1"",

""LineNum"": 1.0,

""Amount"": 189.78,

""DetailType"": ""SalesItemLineDetail"",

""SalesItemLineDetail_ItemRefId"": ""1"",

""SalesItemLineDetail_ItemRefName"": ""Sales"",

""SalesItemLineDetail_UnitPrice"": 189.78,

""SalesItemLineDetail_Qty"": 1.0



""Amount"": 189.78,

""DetailType"": ""SubTotalLineDetail""




Please tell us if this information helps.