Table not found while replicating

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CAMERON ROUT posted this 25 August 2021

Hi there, I create an empty database on Google cloud and then replicate mailchimp to it. I use the "Create tables" option, but I get the error "Unknown table 'mailchimp.ListMembers'"

This should be expected since it is a new db and should not be a problem because "create tables" is selected.

Mariia Zaharova posted this 26 August 2021

Hello Cameron,


Thank you for contacting Skyvia Support Team!

We have checked your package and see that the "Drop Tables" check box is also selected. This means that, first, Skyvia tries to delete target tables, however, they do not exist yet. 

Please uncheck the "Drop Tables" check box, save the package and try again.


We recommend you to look at this topic in Skyvia documentation:


Best regards,