"target file name" a date in the format "YYYYMMDDHHMMSS"

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Gabriel Longarai posted this 25 June 2021

is it possible to put in the field "target file name" a date in the format "YYYYMMDDHHMMSS"?

What is the file sender IP from Skyvia to S3? Is it fixed IP?


I'm using the test export package below:





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Olena Romanchuk posted this 30 June 2021

Hello Gabriel,

The file mask can be set for the Import packages only, not Export. In the Advanced mode of your Export task you need to specify the target file name in the Target File Name box, otherwise the task will not be saved. We are currently investigating the opportunity to add timestamp to the preset filename in future and will inform you if it will be implemented. Regarding your second question, Skyvia accesses your server from the IP or