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Michael Kumaraswamy posted this 09 November 2017

Is it possible to use an expression to specify target value when doing a Target lookup ?

The target field in SFDC is a userlookup field that needs to get populated with Salesforce Id of a user. The source values are users networkid's .

The link is the Alias field in Salesforce user table 

I am trying to get this via a Targetlookup

Lookup object 'User'

Result Column 'Id'.

Under Lookup Key Column , I have selected 'Alias' ( in SFDC this field has the users newtwork id's ) .

RIght now the options available are

'Constant'  - Can just provide constant value  

'Column'  = Can pick up just an existing column

 Target .Source Lookup 

I would like to use an expression (if condition) to input the source value

confirmed_by=='on file' ? 'mickum03':confirmed_by

 Is this possible to acheive using target lookup option ? If not is there any other option with which I can make this transformation - Thank You

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Mariia Zaharova posted this 10 November 2017

Unfortunately, not, it is impossible to use expressions in the Lookup mapping. We will definitely contact you if any solution for such a case is available.

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