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Jonathan Pollard posted this 02 August 2017

Both my Zoho CRM(source) and Redhshift(target) connections work, but when I try to integrate, the target object is empty and nothing shows up. 

Mariia Zaharova posted this 03 August 2017

We have checked the logs for your packages. In both Replication and Import packages the following error occurs:

Load into table 'custommodule1' failed. Check 'stl_load_errors' system table for details.

This error occurs on the Redshift side and doesn't relate to Skyvia. This error is related to the data being imported to Redshift. For example, this error may occur in these cases:

  •  data types mismatch (e.g. insert decimal_15_5 into decimal_14_0)
  •  attempt to insert special characters with Unicode = true
  •  not-null field is not filled
  •  string is too long, etc.

Please open Query Tool and run this query with your Redshift connection: select * from 'stl_load_errors'

You will get the table with the errors as a result.