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Johnny Josefsson posted this 17 December 2019


We're in the process of migration from Pipedrive to HubSpot and we have some numbers to run by you

Organizations 9,1K

People 1 6K

Deals 2.3K

Open tasks    300

Closed tasks  Alot, not able to get the number


These numbers are no including the obejtcs of:

Email, notes, activities
Attached files (upload from JPG or PNG)

Is there someway to be able to calculate time fram for the migration based on these numbers or do you have - based one previous migrations have statistics to be able to calculate this based on experience?

Of course this depend on several parameters and external factors - but to do work like this always requires to define for the organization how long the migration will take before it can be approved.

And in the organization of pipedrive we do have the homepage/website of the company, we would then be able to map that value to the HubSpot "domain" which makes it possible to autoimport company information and how it's simple to map contacts (email) to an company (domain) ?

Dmitriy Muzurov posted this 18 December 2019

Hi Johnny,

Thank you for submitting a ticket with us.

The time for records migration depends greatly on the source/target server load as well as packages configuration.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide you with any timeframes as this is strictly individual.

Regarding Pipedrive and HubSpot integration, the use case is not clear.

Please clarify what objects do you migrate from Pipedrive to HubSpot in this particular case, what fields in it you would like to map.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.