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Jeff Weech posted this 29 June 2021

RE: New Skyvia User - Weech - SurveyMonkey Issue 

We’re having one issue with our Skyvia/SurveyMonkey integration.

We contacted SurveyMonkey and they weren’t very helpful.  They told us to contact Skyvia.


Jeff Weech
FreshTech CRM


The question I am asking is specific to SurveyMonkey, not Skyvia.


The following tables are exposed to me via Skyvia, but none of them seem to have survey response questions and answers.  Do you know which table(s) I need to use?

[screenshot 1]

The data I’m looking for looks like this – it is from the All Responses data at Analize Results in SurveyMonkey:

[screenshot 2]

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Olena Romanchuk posted this 01 July 2021

Hello Jeff, 

We have replied to you by email. 
Please contact us in case of any questions.