Unable to cast Big INT value to String

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Marina Seredova posted this 21 March 2018

We have an import job which will pull data from SQL server to Salesforce   

The data in one field is of type BIGINT in SQL server and we want to store it in a field of type String.

We are trying to cast it as (DT_WSTR)ID but it is throwing error as below

"Attempt to parse the expression "(DT_WSTR)ID" failed. The expression might contain an invalid token, an incomplete token, or an invalid element. It might not be well-formed, or might be missing part of a required element such as a parenthesis."

Mariia Zaharova posted this 21 March 2018

You should use an Expression mapping in this format:

(DT_WSTR, 30) ID

where 30 is the length of the string (set here the value that is suitable for your scenario).


Please refer to:




Please tell us if this helps.