Unexpected Line Breaks in Export to CSV

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Eike Kortz posted this 25 March 2022

Hi there,

I make my first steps with the product and I am trying to export some Dynamics CRM data to csv. 

The export seems to work fine, BUT in the resulting excel, some data rows are "broken" because of unexpected linebreaks/newlines. I identified three colums in the source with NL LF and strings over several woes.. These seem to create the issue during export. How do I avoid that and make Skyvia export one column content as ONE column content..?

Mariia Zaharova posted this 28 March 2022

Hello Eike,


Thank you for reaching us out.


Skyvia does not add extra line breaks, the file is constructed with the specified CSV options and data that is returned from the data source via API. The issue may be related to the fact how the data is displayed in Excel (incorrect delimiters are selected).

Could you please show us some examples of such behavior (e.g. screenshots)?


Looking forward to your reply.


Best regards,