Usability of Backup Files

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Kim Vlasnik posted this 06 January 2022

Hi there, we currently use Skyvia for running both Packages and Backups. We've had a couple of incidents with data loss/changes recently where we expected to be able to pull a backup file from Skyvia to restore data, and have found the backups really kind of unusable when exporting to CSV. Perhaps we're missing some knowledge of how to best use those backup files - could someone reach out to us to guide us on how this should work? Thanks.

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Mariia Zaharova posted this 11 January 2022

Hi Kim,


Sorry for the delayed response.


Did you check this topic

It is not necessary to export backup to CSV files in order to perform restore operation.

Please specify what exactly you would like to achieve.


Looking forward to your reply.


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Kim Vlasnik posted this 11 January 2022

Thanks for the reply, Mariia - I didn't get a notification of your reply, but that's perhaps an issue for another time...

That article is helpful for restoring data to a few records or to all records, but surely that can't be the suggested solution to update a subset of data with hundreds or thousands of records that meet certain criteria. I'm not familiar with the Data Integration solution but that's what it sounds like this does. How would I know if we have this feature, and how can I see a demo of how that solution would accomplish what I'm describing?

For example, a subset of data on the Account object in Salesforce would need to be updated to restore the values in three fields. We'd only want to update records that were modified on a particular date, by a particular user, to the values in those fields from the prior date.

Thanks for any clarification you can provide.

Olena Romanchuk posted this 17 January 2022

Hello Kim, 

Skyvia allows comparing snapshots and viewing and undoing the data differences between them. If a backup contains more than one snapshot, when you view details of a snapshot or view data of one of the backed up objects, you can see the All and Changed buttons above the grid. The snapshot must be not the oldest snapshot of this backup in order to view them. The All view simply displays the backed up data. The Changed view allows you to compare data in different snapshots and see data changes between them.

More details are available here

Or there is another option. Skyvia allows creating connections to your backup snapshots. This means that you can create a connection either to a backup snapshot for a specific date or to the most recent snapshot from a backup, and then use them in your data integration packages or query backed-up data with the query tool.

For example,  you can create the Import package and select the snapshot as a Source, and the destination object as a target.  In the Source definition tab of the package task, you can apply filters to select the records for a particular user, date, or any needed field. On the Target definition tab, you select the action to perform (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE).
On the Mapping definition tab, you determine what fields to modify with the values from the Source.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

best regards,


Technical Support Engineer