What parameter do I use to send username and password in my REST application request?

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shelly dortch posted this 09 March 2021

I have added a username and password to my Skyvia Connection.


I need to know what parameter to send in my REST api request in order to pass the username and password  to Skyvia in the request.


My REST api request currently looks like this below……what parameter do I use to pass the user/pw to the Skyvia endpoint?

For example, I  use “sql”  parameter to send the sql query:


                               url: 'https://connect.skyvia.com/x7yoq6v8/execute',

                               method: 'post',

                               data: {

                                                             "sql": sqlString,================================è What param do I use to send the user/pw in the REST api request?

                                                             "pageSize": 500,

                                                             "commandTimeout": 60,

                                                            "expireTimeout": 3600,

                                                             "schemaOnly": false



I see a support ticket on the same subject here: https://support.skyvia.com/thread/odata-service-credentials/


The support says the user and pw must combined with a colon. But what parameter do I use to send user/pw in the REST api request to the Skyvia endpoint?



Below is some of the support rep comments:

Sorry for the misunderstanding, I did not get your question correctly. Skyvia Connect supports HTTP Basic Authentication. In case of Basic Authentication:

1) the username and the password must be combined with a colon - testuser:testpwd 

2) the resulting string is base64 encoded - dGVzdDp0ZXN0



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Mariia Zaharova posted this 10 March 2021

Hello Shelly,


Your request is in progress.

We will answer you by email as soon as possible.


Best regards,