Which packages to purchase to enable bidirectional sync of Salesforce with AWS RDS MySQL

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Atakan Okan posted this 2 weeks ago

When calculating the estimate monthly price, I was sure which components of Skyvia to include. I will be using it for bidirectional sync of Salesforce with AWS RDS MySQL. 

Simon Bubnov posted this 2 weeks ago

Bidirectional synchronization is a Data Integration feature and you need to purchase a subscription for Data Integration. For more information, please refer to https://skyvia.com/pricing

Integration pricing plans differ by the number of rows which a user is allowed to process successfully per month, the number of scheduled packages (package with an enabled configured schedule for automatic execution), and how often the scheduled packages can be run automatically.

Please note that the first initial run will load all records from both sources to each other. The next runs will process only changed or newly created records. On this premise, you can calculate and detect which Data Integration subscription you need.