"You are not authorized to perform this action."

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Ali Tariq posted this 3 weeks ago

I've got a replication activity going copying Freshdesk data to a Postgresql warehouse. The package created the tables and structures properly but didn't populate with any fields. I can see the data in the sql section so I know the connection's working. 

I'm also getting an error message that says: "You are not authorized to perform this action.".

I'm not sure what other type of authorizations are needed ? 

Mariia Zaharova posted this 2 weeks ago

Hello Ali,


Thank you for contacting us.


This is a Freshdesk error, not Skyvia.  At the moment, if we click the Test Connection button in your Freshdesk connection it fails with this error.

First of all, please make sure your API key is correct.

If it is correct, we recommend you to check these links with possible reasons, solutions, and/or contact Freshdesk support:




Best regards,