Zoho-MySQL Sync Missing Primary Key

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John Buerger posted this 26 October 2018

I'm trying to sync my contacts in Zoho CRM to a contacts file in a MySQL database but the "CONTACTID" doesn't show up as a mapping field so then I run into conflicts with the primary field (which cannot be blank) in MySQL. Yet, when I run a query of contacts.* from Zoho, the ContactID shows up. All aspects of having the MySQL sync depend on having that CONTACTID show up in the MySQL database.

Mariia Zaharova posted this 29 October 2018

Skyvia synchronization operation is used to synchronize data between cloud CRMs and relational databases in both directions only - from Source to Target and from Target to Source. 

Our synchronization is best suited for cases when one source contains all the data, and another one is empty before the first synchronization. In case of first synchronization Skyvia will simply copy data from the first source to second and vice versa, and remember which original record corresponds to which copy. There is no way to specify Id mapping for existing records.

When performing synchronization repeatedly, Skyvia synchronizes only data that was changed since the previous synchronization. It uses the fields storing information about when a record was created and modified in cloud applications and creates special tracking tables and triggers in relational databases for data modification tracking.


NOTE: The mandatory requirement for synchronizing database data is that the primary key columns of the database tables must be autogenerated.


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