Zoho People - Projects / Jobs / Timelogs retrieved for current user only

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  • Last Post 12 December 2022
Robert Boltman posted this 12 December 2022

The Zoho People connector isn't pulling back all Projects, Jobs and Timelogs, just the ones associated with my Zoho People account. I'm an admin user of Zoho People so can see all the data when I log in directly. My suspicion is that when Skyvia is executing the API calls to Zoho People, it's leaving 'user' parameter to the default value of 'current user' rather than setting it to 'all' (eg see the documentation here: https://www.zoho.com/people/api/timesheet/get-timelogs.html).   I'm sure the usual use-case for someone pulling data from Zoho People is to have all the data replicated, so this would appear to be a bug, albeit a trivial one to fix as it simply requires the string "user=all" to be inserted into the relevant API calls. Unfortunately, this is a showstopper for us as we would be using Skyvia specifically to retrieve this particular data.  

Serhii Muzyka posted this 12 December 2022

Hi Robert,


Thank you for contacting Skyvia Support.


We see that you are already in touch with the team by email. Your case has already been taken into processing. 

We will get back to you by email once we have any news.


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