Zoho People Projects not populating Project Manager / Project Head

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Robert Boltman posted this 08 January 2023

Currently Skyvia is creating a table with the columns "ProjectManager" and "ProjectManagerName" but these are always null.

The API call:


returns JSON with the following entries:

                "projectManagers": [
                        "empId": "05",
                        "erecno": "11455000000065001",
                        "rate": 0,
                        "name": "John Smith"
                        "empId": "08",
                        "erecno": "11455000000347001",
                        "rate": 0,
                        "name": "Jane Doe"
"projectHead": { "empId": "05", "erecno": "11455000000065001", "rate": 0, "name": "Joe Bloggs" },

ie an array of Project Managers and a single Project Head (which are system fields for a Project in Zoho People). 

It would be good if at least the Project Head (or alternatively, the first named Project Manager) could be replicated.


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Robert Boltman posted this 5 weeks ago

Never mind, we're going to use a different approach

Serhii Muzyka posted this 4 weeks ago

Hi Robert,  

Sorry for making you wait for an answer.


Please be informed that the value in the ProjectManagers table is now returned to the Projects table, and the ProjectHead group columns have also been added. We have left the ProjectManagerName field for the time being, it is not returned for our account, but it may be returned for some users.    


Should you have other questions, don't hesitate to reach out.  


Best regards,